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Tu Vi Chart is a portrait of a person

Tu Vi Chart is a portrait of a person
                                                Bản dịch của Trần Quang Hoàn và Mai Anh.
Tu Vi Chart is an image of a person’s lifetime. On this, there are also representatives of body parts, almost all body parts, such as: appearance, organs, body, limbs to bones and blood.

On the other hand, a chart also contains circulation (for example, the circulation of blood). It contains the digestion and the excretion. In a Tuvi Chart, there is the most important star named TU VI which rules Life and Death. Due to the importance of this Star,  Its name was given to the Tu Vi Faculty!

Our new branch of Tu Vi: Tu Vi Ung Dung was founded on the basis of revealing many secrets of this astrological science. After so many years, Tu Vi has lost its glory, a part of it due to the concealing of knowledge, an other part due to the lack of competent successors. All of that lead to Tu Vi become an even more mysterious subject. Some consider this practice superstitious which made others forget about its scientific nature. Tu Vi, in fact, is a forecasting science of fairly accurate results about the personality and events in a person’s lifetime.

In simpler definition, we can understand that with such personality could lead to this or that events. Tu Vi Chart is a lively image of a person. In Tu Vi we have Stars with sentimental trend, containing joy or sadness; we also have Stars that tell us about characteristics, dictating the state of good or bad, failure or success. All of that constitutes a person’s personality. The characteristics of person (The characteristics of Menh section in the chart) when interfacing with other Sections shall create events (Good or Bad). Depends on the situation it could be called events or incidents.

As  planned by fate, the person with a Tu Vi Chart shall have the body part represented by the Star being his/her Self-governing Star. The traits of the Star thereof become the person’s traits in life. Since each person is affected by his/her Star’s traits, it defines their personality which is pretty difficult to change.

The interesting fact is that each Star contains numerous traits. These traits either get along with or conflict with the traits of other Stars. Stars in Tu Vi chart can be considered as groups in human society, they are either for or against each other.

Some Stars even contain within it opposite traits. Such as:

Pha Quan (Phá Quân) has the following traits:
Hold on or let go (nắm hay buông)
Seize or Relinguish (bắt hay thả)
Repress or being repressed (ép buộc hay bị ép buộc/đàn áp hay bị đàn áp)
Close or Open (đóng hay mở)...

That Sat (Thất Sát) has the following traits:
Gain or Lost (được hay mất).
Win or Lose (đoạt được hay đánh mất/thắng hay thua)
See or Unseen (thấy hoặc không thấy)
Execute or Release (giết hay tha)...

In order to determine the trend, the inclination, the tendency of a Star trait, we need the 2nd or 3rd Star around it and many more (combined together ) to determine whether he/she is successful or unsuccessful.

Most Stars need mutual support to lead to success. Therefore, the position is utmost important. However, this concept about position could create very grave misunderstanding. Some people are so sure that a Star in this position means success and other position means failure. In fact, it is rather: “This position is favourable/advantageous and this position is disadvantageous/difficult”.

More marvellous facts, besides the person’s image, in Tu Vi Chart, we also see the image of his/her relatives, parents, siblings, offsprings, etc. and the relationship of the aforesaid with the Menh Section.

A Tu Vi Chart could represent a small group of people with all kind of personalities. It also could be grander than that depends on the Role of Menh. Therefore, from the Chart of a significant person, it is no surprise that major events could be predicted. If such events happen in this significant person life, it shall lead to the incident in the society; this is because the life of a significant person affects the fate of many others. Based on that reason, lots of Kings in Nguyen Dynasty keep their hour of birth a secret, or even real names, gender of birth. The marvellous mystery of Tu Vi is still waiting to be explored. On the Chart there is even colors, such as: Yellow, Green, Black, White and Red. From the color in the Chart, it is apparent why some people like this color and dislike the others, or why there is conflict because of colors. Also based on these colors, the profession of a person could be predicted, whether you are a painter or a house decorator depends on the coordination or presentation of Artistic Group (đổi thành Group of Artistic Stars), Reputation Group (Group of Reputation Stars).

In this seemingly silent Tu Vi Chart, there arises noise, the sound of laughter or cry, a groan or a whine, etc.

From such sounds, we predict a life of a singer or a song writer, etc.

And much more, in the Tu Vi Chart, we see different real estate, grand and small, endurance or damaged, castle or a regular townhouse, etc.

Does all that wrap up the content of Tu Vi Chart? Not even close. (Đã hết chưa? Chưa hết đâu.) There are even rivers, streams, mountains, moon and sun and so much more presented in it.

From this silent Tu Vi Chart, we could read a person’s thoughts, plots and his/her success or failure.
 Fate was predestined and the person in each Tu Vi Chart is coming toward this fate planned for him/her.

A predestined fate is real is real but it does not  mean it is unchangeable. From the knowledge we know, we shall be better prepared, feel content even with loss, shall eliminate the hatred that are tormenting us and dream of more realistic goals within our capacity.

Tu Vi Ung Dung are lessons that are: the more you understand them, the more you love them. This is well proven in that fact that many Tu Vi Ung Dung students have had a change of heart after learning and they wish to be able to learn even more and more. 

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